Are there dog haters like Woody cat hater, who hate all dogs and their owners too I wonder? Also it is important to try and keep on good terms with your neighbors. Video cameras will aid with evidence for any cruelty cases and deter anyone who might harm the cats from coming onto the property. Why do small African island nations perform better than African continental nations, considering democracy and human development? Summary: Castiel drops the reader into 1984 to protect her from an angel who wants to kill her. Unless it's just your pet cat. I was sure that you were talking about people who own cats and insist they have the right to roam anywhere and destroy everyone elses lives and property. But they are bad for native birds. There are other ways of deterring cats without trying to cause them deliberate harm. Intentionally injuring or killing a cat is a criminal offense. I'll work on keeping him contained as much as humanly possible. Our ex-neighbours decided they objected to our cats(not the two we have now) even being in our own garden, mostly through spite against us,it began with us realising that our female cat had been shot in the head with an air rifle, thankfully it had lodged in the skin and didnt do any serious damage and Ruth was able to deal with it using her veterinary experience, we couldnt prove it was them and they pretended to be sympathetic and said someone had been seen with an air gun nearby(we lived near a large field and open spave beyond that) but we later found out it was one of the sons.Then there was a period of throwing chicken bones over the fence to tempt them to eat the dangerous bones and setting their huge dog to bark at them whenever they were in their own garden, they finally put up a bird feeder above the party fence and fixed barbed wire to the fence so that if a cat jumped on the fence he/she would be injured.It got so bad at the end that whenever the cats were out day or night we had to have the patio door open and stand outside to make sure they were safe. We have 2 ginger cats and they often interact with outdoor cats. Please? Cookie Notice You may hate the idea but your welfare and the safety of your cats are at stake and there is nothing more important than that therefore thinking big and spending money is probably a wise thing to do. This summer we ended up having to eat a 500 dollar deductible on my car when some idiot was letting his dog run loose on the frontage road. There is now an abundance of upper space. One more thought. along with other people who had the nerve to try and take a walk and threaten them with a lawsuit over the constant nonstop racket of barking dogs. Here are some things you can try (and others you should not try) to make things more peaceful. Is there anyone I can contact that goes after animal abusers, I am devastated by what he did to this poor cat, this person is obviously a psychopath! Depending on the state you live in it may very well be legal for him to shoot your cat. I'm not clear on whether the cat is actually entering the neighbors property or not? I don't think the humane society will put down a cat if asked to by a non-owner, but your neighbor could lie. "CRAZY neighbor tries to break in because I changed the wifi," the caption reads. People sometimes trap a domestic cat on the premise that the cat is a stray. Usually he makes a rush for the door and I just let him tire himself out for 30 - 45 minutes and he comes back in. Photo of angry man by Jan Tik (great photo, well done). Fine, whatever it's a little water I said as bit of a joke, "Sure he probably deserves it, he can be a pain in the ass." Penal Code 599c). Its those neighbours had ZERO respect for US and obviously of the same ilk as you Woody, desperate to convince everyone that cats and cats lovers are the scum of the earth. A Twitter user claimed he was having trouble breathing in his sleep, so he set up a camera to see what was going on at night. First, you can be reported for allowing your pet to roam free and you may be cited by the city. This law also protects an actor for the . If your neighbor has taken the time to ask you in the most nice non confrontational way possible assume they are probably at the seething point already as most of us are loath to say anything hoping the situation resolves itself. My Neighbor Threatened to Kill My Cat? Does a summoned creature play immediately after being summoned by a ready action? Resist the temptation to rationalize, excuse, justify, or minimize animal cruelty. She also yelled through my door that she would "kick my ass" next time she sees me and throw my cat up against the wall. An easy way for someone (say your neighbor) to harm your dog is by baiting them with poison. No, it's not legal for them to shoot trespassing cats. You comment is incomprehensible (that word means your comment is gobbledegook in case you were wondering). A video detailing the. You are right Ruth, the woman who bought our house first had 2 little dogs and was sure she could handle those rotten neighbours, but they didnt like her dogs yapping, oh it was OK for their dog with its loud bark to make as much noise as it wanted to of course. Photo of cat by Michael. I am an animal lover but at some point after numerous requests you find your own life being infringed upon in an unreasonable and excessive manner. My cat gets out a lot. Still others chose to poison pets for the heck of. Not a very nice comment at all. Fine with other animals, including cats and farm llamas. I had some time to cool down and I think I will leave him an apology card with a gift card to the garden center. If not, you cannot claim they never went into their yards because you werent aware of it. Dean3 Please come back, I love you. Do note, while we always aim to give you accurate product info at the point of publication, unfortunately price and terms of products and deals can always be changed by the provider afterwards, so double check first. Who is not being responsible for their "property" and the consequences that property faces when it is out of your control? By Dennis Romero. @yetanothercoder, I talked to him yesterday (brought the card). Oh, were you talking about the people that kept their dog/pet in their own yard? Just to clarify to that idiot incase he comes back under another name, the bird feeder was placed on a pole exactly between our 2 gardens specifically to entice cats to climb it and cut themselves on the barbed wire HALF of which was wound round OUR side of the pole. With the card OP can just write down what they wanted to say and has not to worry about grasping for words in a face to face conversation. I'm not sure why you think I was going to use the mail service instead of going next door. If YOUR cats get harmed, thats EVERYONE ELSES FAULT. While I was away, this neighbor rang our doorbell accompanied by her 9 year-old daughter and the daughter's friend, a little boy. Ponder this. Even though they probably warned you many many times that thats what your cats do and you refused to believe it. A built-in bind-spot bigger than your own brains. My 5 are all indoors now that the area has built up & theres lots of traffic it gets a bit crowded but its worth it to keep them safe. It only takes a minute to sign up. Registered in England. Neighbors often poison pets in order to quiet a noisy dog or stop a cat from digging up the rose garden or stalking the birds. That sounds defeatist but in my experience it is the only way. A more realistic scenario might be them going to court and getting a restraining order, which could have significant consequences for you if you violate it by letting your cat out. Not to say that I don't think your neighbour is a raging bitch, because she clearly is. MF date: Dec [STRIKE]2028[/STRIKE] 2019. Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I'm accepting this answer because it addressed the question I asked. Feel free to rollback or edit if you think I got you wrong. Exposing Cruelty at Berkeley County Animal Control in West Virginia, Cat-alyst Society Monthly Giving Program, Forget-Me-Not Legacy Society: Planned Giving, Tribute Cards and Plaques to Support Feline Rescue. Dissasemble the cartrages and thow away the pellets. Am I missing something there? Well Ive got news for you, YOU are exactly that with knobs on! In many neighbourhoods people wont mind a wandering cat. I specifically said that I didn't want to have a conversation with this guy, and while I did have a conversation with him, it wasn't planned. tl;dr Neighbor is upset that my cat goes outside. Where are you located, and did your neighbor say this in English or another language? On July 17, 1889, he went looking for help. Your best bet would be to stop being defensive, apologize for past kitty transgressions, stop brushing this off, and let them know you're doing your best to keep him contained at all times. We've added a "Necessary cookies only" option to the cookie consent popup. Then is it any wonder why people are shooting and poisoning your cats for you? rev2023.3.3.43278. If one of my neighbours told me they was putting down a deliberate poison because of my cat I would report it to the police and the RSPCA. Is it suspicious or odd to stand by the gate of a GA airport watching the planes? Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). The punishment for killing a dog varies per state and county, but the highest form of punishment is seven years of jail time or a $5,000 fine. How to apologize and make sure he doesn't hurt my pets? If you want to keep your cats safe from this sicko neighbor then the cats have to kept inside. You have to exist with other people in a society, and respect of one's property goes a long way in that regard. Thanks for commenting Debra. Step 1: Conciliation No matter how doomed it might seem, start with the charm offensive. If the people who bought the house from you also couldnt stand to live next to them it kind of points to your neighbors being bullies. You should call the police and they should interview your neighbour and that may be enough to stop him or her. Threats To Kill - Charges, Penalties and Sentencing Speak Directly To a Lawyer Now 1300 038 223 Open 7am - Midnight, 7 days Or have our lawyers call you: * * Call me later Imprisonment (Jail - Full Time) Community Corrections Orders Fine Adjourned undertaking Discharge Dismissal If it turns out it's illegal for her to shoot your cat, you can let her out again once she's aware of this, perhaps. Harming animals with a sense of elation is a huge red flag personality indicator. As strange as it may seem, the law really takes threats against animals seriously, more so than human abuses (sometimes, but definitely in this case). Said if our cat comes near his house again he will kill it. He hopped out of the car and into the shared driveway among all the houses. I took a few calls for my job and came back out to her and her husband doing their bird watching thing. Astounding! Those neighbours were ignorant bigoted cat haters just like YOU are Woody/Astonised and as I already said they/you can not be reasoned with. People like that you just cant reason with, I asked them nicely to stop their harrassment of us and our cats, that only made it worse. Threatening to harm pets or neglect them is a common Narcissistic Abuse tactic employed by Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Narcopaths. She mostly blamed my ex for the cat. I don't think it's rude to communicate with a card. I don't know if you were joking or not, I don't care. Infographic on 5 thoughts on excess weight in cats. Of course, you could take the hard route and get evidence that he is trying to poison your cats or whatever (I am thinking of a covert video) but then you have to other sue him through the courts or try and get the authorities to prosecute him in the criminal court but all that will be nearly impossible and in trying to achieve it youll be at war perpetually with your neighbor. It creates a more human and friendly feel to the neighbourhood. Linear Algebra - Linear transformation question. He already has a felony charge for threatening to kill police last fall, they know he's crazy, the apartment complex we both live in know he's crazy. I just hate him and know one day he will have to answer to a greater power. So then why do people think just because they are cats, it is OK for them to go wherever, pooping, killing birds, getting sick, getting lost or run-over, having fights or whatever? One extreme option is to sue in nuisance but that may not work and it will cause more hostilities. I think cat haters are very unreasonable selfish people! YOU are responsible for your cat at all times- -period. Woody hates cats and cat lovers so much he didnt even bother to wonder why we were so traumatised by those people and I think he is one of the very same ilk who bullies his way through life and tries to convince others that he is always right.

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