Just join through this link, completematerial [licensed for non-commercial use only], CM3 - Theory of Magic (edited draft, public reader). 1 | Lermis | [F/GO] [Cardfight!! Main focus is Naruto stories, mainly crossovers. Watched, and hoping for minmaxing, [X] Ask if something is wrong with the machine, [X]Ask if something is wrong with the Machine. His ego is like Gilgamesh and the toxic narcissist vs battle wiki who disingenuously wanking nasuverse. Sedangkan dengan Quartz kau bisa mendapatkan Servant paling langka dan kuat (*4-*5). You are using an out of date browser. This is a fanfic crossover, a what if Shirou was actually on Holy Terra during the unification wars. 3 | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO], Hades Order | Jesse Lee / Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [Hades], Salem of Nightmareland Pt. PM . Both sucks actually, but simply speaking you can have another girlfriend. If the community approves, the thread-head approves, but the compiler does not, the thread-head's decision stands. Shiki x Mikiya is my favorite Nasuverse romance (one of my favorite romances, period), but Sakura x Shirou is my favorite Fate romance, and second favorite overall. "A good name. The premise of this thread is explained in the title. Arknights: Unyielding Blade. Its also place for people to discuss about fanfic. Two friends who were just minding their own business until Truck-Kun came and killed them. Author has written 1 story for Transformers/Beast Wars. The Spider: Waking up in a hero's body is one thing, being a hero is another. Also, with a place like r/narutofanfiction . Fate's Game by Cloud 802 After a incident involving the Kaleidostick 5 years before the start of FateStay Night . . In this cruel world where the supernatural walk amongst men, he will do anything in order to reach his goal and achieve that ever-distant dream of his. We are all adults here, so try not to act like petulant children if you don't get your way. 3. The story you are about to hopefully read was part of the Fate/Nasuverse Discord Server Writing Contest held from October 6th 2021 to October 27th 2021. Fanfic: Systema Ch 1, RWBY | FanFiction. This is a story about Shirou's gaining The Gamer Ability. If it werent for the condescending smile set upon her aloof face, the individual being described would rank amongst the most beautiful in the world. In death, all earthly laws only applicable to the body and the mind was rendered null, leaving the soul with its sense of being the only vestige of my former self, Not being able to feel, nor sense anything, aside from that of its own existence,but just aware enough to comprehend basic thoughts, But don't worry, I'll narrate what happen next so you have a clue about what happened to me, whatever the fuck that is, So, you are chilling in the darkness. Murky clouds covered the sky and Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Survive at any costs! Anything which is overtly out of character without reasonable explanation. Notes: Covers Extra, CCC, Extella etc.. Also Anchored by Shirou Emiya, in his canon Servant role as 'Nameless Hero'. Chapter 2: MacGuffin Battle Royale 101. Author can help each other and sharing their tips of writing. ---> Contains all (or most) snips to this post. So if anyone know a good fic, just tell me. Because of a wish, his fate was doomed. We're here to celebrate insanity, love our characters, and occasionally put them through hell and have them come out on top. 0. Fate/Stay Night, Fate Zero, El-Melloi Case Files, Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, PrismaIlya, Today's Menu. Issei Hyoudou 2. ?, No longer am I merely a writer, I'm the Thread Head of the new and hopefully improved Nasuverse Infinite Loops thread. At least one week should be allowed once it has been posted before it may be considered canon. Alright, I've been promoted everyone. Oh my god, it's like your first time having sex when all all you've known until this point is jacking yourself off to porn-- the intensity is more than anything I could handle, The flame consumed my soul. This includes any form of inebriation, overblown rumors, as well as simple errors in recollection. Notes: Also Anchored by Shirou Emiya/EMIYA, based on his living existence (albeit halfway across the world & having never become Shirou. JavaScript is disabled. Servants that become team is Demiya, Hassan the cursed arm, Angra, and Berseker Lancelot The guild called Chaldea. All-Purpose Nasuverse Fanfiction Thread. * Gilgamesh (Fate/) The (Former) Mistress Show only: Loading G. Nasuverse [FSN] Centralized Random Idea Thread. Join Now Create Post . Fate series Tsukihime series ( Remake) Kara no Kyoukai Mahou Tsukai no Yoru Tsuki no Sango Notes Release timeline Unknown Series that are not currently known to share the same elements as those above: CANAAN DDD Fire Girl The Room of the April Witch Instead using half-truths and misdirection, or just pretended to misunderstand the situation. Prologue As such, this list features the settings of Prototype/etc. Chaos, hilarity and awesomeness promptly ensues. Yokai Academy, a school in an alternate dimension meant to educate monsters into living among human My first RWBY multiverse story. Anything which does not follow the rules of the setting as it has been defined to date. "I believe in you," He murmurs, letting Yin is a spirit born into a place where no other living beings exist. relationship have a fall out with each other. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works It may not display this or other websites correctly. Any good Nasuverse fanfictions? Prologue: The Eighth (Anti) Hero. FanFiction. Signup for our newsletter to get notified about our next ride. Personal Discord Server discord .gg/NQFwdWrbwN The second reason is to help fanfic's author write their fic, Nasuverse at a whole is complicated. As such, this list features either the setting of F/klPI or characters from it. Com After Season 3 of Date A Live, an unknown individual makes it into their world. So it seems that it only allows me to use Magecraft and all but it does not give me any usable skills. A group of six unique individuals came together to save the world. Well, it's known that Zero is ten years before FSN (the game states it, and the characters' ages fit with it), so 2002 is out unless Clinton was elected two years earlier in the Nasuverse. I feel it is safer to go with something we know over a 'what if'. 1 | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO], Why No Grail? ---> Note: Set post-Log Horizon's Activation. Poor Lancer: Run Lancer Run for your chastity! for Optimistic Game: Revised. * Romulus-Quirinus (Fate/Grand Order : Cosmos in the Lostbelt) If you are looking for something that includes the actual themes and underlying concepts of the Nasuverse, including the creeping . started by kestasx15, Jun 20, 2017. What happens when your everyday Male Otaku gets his very own Chaldea from Fate Grand Order? Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! last time I remember, the whole story had over at least over 40 chapters, after a while, I checked to reread it only to be unable to find it, I tried using history, my google activities, and searching through the internet and I can't find it anymore, I am pretty sure it was on Wattpad, am asking if any of you may have come across it at some point and if you can tell me the title or give a link please if possible, I just tired of trying to look. Hot New # 1. 2 | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [Ranma 1/2], A Chance Meeting | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [F/SN], Grail At the World's Fair | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO], Smash It Out | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [Smash Bros], Stuck in the Sandbox | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO], Gawain in Pain | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [Various], Crimson (Mind) F*cker | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [Hellsing], Simple Fishing in Luluhawa | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO], Where in the World | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [Carmen Sandiego], The Sanson Parable | Conceptualist | [F/GO] [The Stanley Parable], What Temptation? Go To. By some stroke of luck he scored the jackpot with the Gamer ability. Everything after that is a blur in the corner of my mind that had faded with the passage of time spent inside here, In death, I lost all conscious of time, space, and reality. To the drama of heroes, and the blood-stained stars! Less Unlimited Blade Works and more Arsenal Without End. Unlimited Blade Works: Lunar Requiem. 2 | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO], A Chaldean's Guide to the Grand Order Pt. The Clock Tower I never felt the need for nasuverse fanfiction since there are a huge amount of source materials. (PLEASE READ THE THREADMARKS!!!). I like iskai fanfics and some time ago I came across a fanfic about a guy who is reincarnated in the nasruverse, In the first chapter he just woke on as a magus training at the clock tower with a system, I forget the name of it so I can't find it. Honestly, the worst ones aren't those guys. Chi Ying transmigrat Lilith Esther Bailey. 13. Naruto emerging from a portal finds himself in the Nasuverse approximately a year after the Fuyuki Fire and encounters Jubstacheit von Einzbern who, well let's just say he didn't make the best of impressions, so yeah a little human path action on that end and Naruto finds himself interested in the 5th grail war. "J-J-JAM IT IN! The grand winner of 2012 Beast's Lair's Fanfiction contest and rightly deserved. heavily inspired by many other fate quests. 1 | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO], A Chaldean's Guide to the Grand Order Pt. Anime & Comics ROMANCE R18 HAREM OVERPOWERED. Apparently, they'd all be completely wrong. Failure for the sake of humor is fine. !" I welcome the arrival of our new Overlord. WI: Disney acquired the Nasu-verse. Go To. You have chosen the option to not change your appearance? Thought this will be a good idea, probably not How would the magical ministry act? Edit: Previous Ideas Threads: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven Fic Rec Thread For fanfic recommendations, which go there not here. If a problem can be explained away by failure on the characters part to remember exact details it is acceptable. Chapter 1: One bad day ---> Contingent on a Loop-Aware Zeltretch playing along by dropping a vague pop-reference. I closed my eyes and sank into the abyss that awaits me, The darkness coiled around me, unceasingly, constantly, perpetually in its motion, It was unknown how I died, only that I got shot by somebody. Filters. An isolated youth. Rules will be updated as things progress. Where all things Type-Moon collide, The Infinite Loops saga of Stay Night, Tsukihime, Grand Order and more. Also, with a place like r/narutofanfiction . 1 of 8 Go to page. But they were given a second chance by God as they got se the World of nasuverse live people from different earths now become one, some people are beings known as servants, old and mythtical legends from different past now brou Y/n's life was hell, his parens are dead, His Ex girlfriends cheated and broken His heart, His lost a part Time jobs, can getting worse? The story was about the fight between the famed Sorcerer, Kishua Zelretch Schweinorg, and Crimsonmoon Bruenstued (aka. I will be honest, this list was made based on my personal taste along with Beast lair and spacebattle recommend fanfic list. The legends of the great. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Community approval is the least relevant to what can be considered canon. So i will share a few link to some canon material about Nasuverse lore : CM3 translations = completematerial [licensed for non-commercial use only], Theory of Magic = CM3 - Theory of Magic (edited draft, public reader), TMdict, a compilation of glossary and material books = TMdict | , Fuyuki Wiki, a dead site that can still be found via Wayback Machine, Tsukikan, a compilation of a bunch of TM things, Clocktower's political and departmental structure. No really. "You don't believe in god." In the case of major disputes PM between the opposing parties, the thread-head, and at least one non-partisan member is to be used to resolve the issue. The chimes of the doorbell echoed across the entire Tohsaka mansion, the size of which had the visitor expecting it would take a couple of minutes before someone would answer What would your favorite (non-Servant) character look like if he were summoned as a servant in a Holy Grail war? "Oh, where are my manners. So Strange Fake is some sort of distant sequel to main F/SN. Until more information can be required, he's out. I will joke about characters, and poke fun at their flaws, after all we aren't dealing with perfect gods here, we're dealing with people trapped in infinite time loops. [#404 {Andrew Greaves} | Nasuverse discussion post, mistakenly compiled as OComp1.42]. If the community approves, but the compiler does not, the thread-head decides. Hey everyone, I'm MathiasNightlord01, an author from FF.net. This is a story about Shirou's gaining Eeenteresting. Issei changed from his old self to the new him, its a semi-NTR at the start meaning Rias etc doesn't have s*x with their new boyfriend. The trees, bald and devoid of any leaves swayed silently in the autumn wind. Notes: Shirou Emiya/EMIYA also Anchors this, through both his local living selves. Lunatique is one of the best, if not the best, Nasuverse fanfictions. Yorokobe Shonen. It wasn't a joke, Not as in "fuck he's banging my girlfriend" kind of suck, but in the "oh shit it hurts having 15 Parabellum rounds shooting through my guts" kind of suck. Bright, blinding lights filled with endless information and glory. For example : humanity, I guess. Final disagreements should they be brought up are to be worked out via PM. In a mountain region of Germany blanketed by continuously falling white snow, a large regal European-style castle stood near the riverbank. JavaScript is disabled. 9 parts. "Please remember that for a writer only reward in here is the readers review, it's like tossing a coin to the old street musician. Another World: Nasuverse Edition. Something already changed; he got The Gamer (before Avalon, I might add). Feb 14, 2022; nasuverse Fate Splendorous/Ember Come one, come all! Tends to focus on Naruto . Nasuverse x-Over. When death comes, regaining the memories of your past lives was an uncommon occurrence. Synopsis: A year after the events of Tsukihime, 17-year-old Tohno Akiha is still living life the way she always has - a student by day, and master of Misaki City by night. I'll do my best to correct them , or at least notify you of my reasons for doing so if it proves too vital for the plot. Projected Denial Author: The Distorted . Clairvoyance is one hell of a cheat code. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. in what classes could he be summoned? The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With For Offline Purposes Only This is doubly so for any practitioner of magic, be it a lowly Magus, a True Magician or any in between. The capital of science that coexists in a world bathed in the occult. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Bright, blinding lights filled with endless information and glory. Again. A place for writers to put forth their ideas and have them commented upon. Betad by [] By the way, i have exclude many "famous" fanfic because of OP!Shirou and the amount of "fanon" stuff in them. He's fascinated in being like Shinn Itsuka was a boy who had been looked down by the world over and over due to being seen as a weakling and a coward. If the thread-head is not also the compiler, then the compiler plays second fiddle. Hilarious in Hindsight?) Evil gods having some fun! | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [Lord of the Rings], Hogwarts: A Professor's Guide | Conceptualist | [F/GO] [Harry Potter], Challenge Fate | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [Harry Potter], The Genius and the Fox | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO], A Chaldean's Guide to the Grand Order Pt. Follow . This here is the Index for all current Nasuverse Snips from the Anime Thread. Rin can function. To fellow Fate and Nasuverse fan, people who have read fanfic as well as people who haven't! Chapter 1: Servant Literally Too Sassy To Serve. Notes: Ritsuka Fujimaru (gender-variable) is Anchor. Porcelain skin, long slender limbs, straight black hair that went to their hips. Chapter 1: Realization of a Dream A man who yearned for an impossible dream is reborn into the world of Nasuverse with similar abilities to the Gamer. A man driven by his desire to create the ultimate blade, to cut down the mountains, to move the ski. No, the Unlimited Blade Works is unlocked due to having both a Sword Origin and a Sword Element. If we have a Sword Origin and a Weapon Element, we won't have the same pontential as canon Shirou for an reality marble. Even as early as FSN the focus was solely Shirou and his ideals nevermind all the people who's were ruined or lost in the grail war. Inspired by A place for writers to showcase their works in progress, get suggestions and have them pre-read by the members of the site before they're unleashed upon the general public. 9 parts Ongoing. Emiya is from the last bad ending from the UBW route, that for reasons explained in the story, will have a patchwork soul, and memories from various Threadmarks: Prologue: He lowered His eyes. The story of an overpowered and super badass character in the world of RWBY. Well, it flopped after only four months, but when it was released, the boy was one of the few people that attended the launch event. No longer am I merely a writer, I'm the Thread Head of the new and hopefully improved Nasuverse Infinite Loops thread. Disclaimer: I don't own DC or any other work of fiction. Still we don't know what the QM's plans are, so at this point, these are all just guesses. Synopsis: In the many multiverses of Fate/stay night there is one constant; the Grail is a dick. Noble Phantasms are hard to steal, due to generally requiring the correct user. Instead of being saved by Archer, Shirou took a finishing strike against Gilgamesh, killing the King of Heroes at the price of being absorbed by the grail. Those not directly involved are not less deserving to be aware of the current status of the project. & characters from it. Out of character in this case would refer to anything which is unrecognizable as the character being used, whether the original or the Looping version. Along with finding beta and proof reading. Next Last. Nasuverse card game is a card game based on Yugioh rules with Type-Moon Characters. Lurking Puma Jan 22nd 2014 at 6:16:26 PM. Forums; Fan Fiction; GO . Description: gwonbush Lurking Puma Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords . Because of that, this list is not perfect, but i can guarantee that most of the fanfic in this list is good. AU/Nasuverse, Angst, Dark/Antagonistic Gamer (COMPLETED) (Or not, people die when they are killed.). Discussion in 'I'm Looking For.' Evidently, the last one is just pure flying BS, I gazed at the unfamiliar room in front of me, At that point in time, I have no idea of the trouble that is to come, nor the imminent danger that will befall me, For this, is the life of Shinji Matou in another world I am experiencing, Author's Note: I did this out of inspiration for a fellow Shinji reincarnation fic named "Wrong Incarnation". they are both still in progress, and the author of Path of the King may have stopped releasing works to non patreons, but they are still both worthy of a reading. I really liked these stories and wanted to take my own take in this story setting. 1 FGODon Quixote . Only once all parties are in agreement on the viability of such an arrangement can progress begin. What would happen if the Clock Tower with all its members inside appeared in London at the beginning of the first Harry Potter book / film? nasuverse gamer fanfiction. The Tournament of Time Continues as both Shallot and Giblet go and find new allies to join them againts there battle with Zahha, but the different characters from Fate G A year into the aftermath of the Holy Grail War, Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka were now happily studying together in the Clocktower school for Maguses. Then, once we've hammered out a plot, we'll break it into a discrete progression of scenes. To the drama of heroes, and the blood-stained stars! The path to the Root is harsh--why not write some fanfiction instead? The final product is to be posted in all relevant threads within a reasonable time-frame following its completion. 26 minutes ago; I never met a hypocrite in my life named crimsonslayer85 he always likes to lie. Threads 145 Messages 13,883 [FSN] Centralized Random Idea Thread. General discussion, recommendations and whatnot, that doesn't necessarily have with fanfiction to do. Chapter 4: Fuyuki Servant Extravaganza. While I'm not sure what the mechanics of this incarnation of it are, I think it's safe to say that it's rooted deeper in him than Avalon (since I think removing Avalon from him would be easier than The Gamer). For iPhone, iPod, Android, Web OS, Blackberry and Opera Mini. So things like Kara no Kyoukai, Tsukihime, and Fate Stay/Night all belong to the mouse now. Gamer of Fate Chapter 1 a fatestay night fanfic FanFiction. Also, with a place like r/narutofanfiction . Shaamash & Ahura-Mazda as Admin for these sections. The Grand Magic Games have finally arrived, and wizards from all over the kingdom have converged on its location. Press J to jump to the feed. The third thread about everything in the universe created by Kinoko Nasu! 4 | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO], The Mikasa Grail War | Anata_Suruu | [F/SN], Lessons in Crime Solving | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO], Pit Stop | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [Kid Icarus], Fireworks & Poker Plays | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [Poker Night at the Inventory] [Portal 2] [Konosuba] [Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword] [Tales of Vesperia], Friendly Sparing Match | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO], Looper Summonings | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [Various], Now That's Using Your Heads | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO], It's Probably Pirates | Anata_Suru | [F/GO], Bad End, Try Again | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [Various] [Star Wars], Why No Grail?

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